Bobby’s Story 

Bobby, originally named Irene and made in Holland, arrived to Ibiza during the autumn of 2014. A short break from Amsterdam was the intention, only the little island decided something else. Surrounded by sea, the scents of nature and the beautiful local frutas y verduras, the seed for Bobby´s Table was sown – and with her move to Ibiza it grew and flourished.

In her pre- island life Bobby worked as a hairstylist, but during her sabbatical she developed a passion for cooking in a way which gave her more energy and balance.  Still using her hands to design an art form, the medium changed from hair to food but the principles of creating movement, body and depth stayed the same. Besides this love for handcrafts, Bobby is keen on spoiling her clients by adding not one but two extra cherries on top of their holiday. Smiling faces while enjoying good food underneath the sun or stars; it´s an honor for her to be a part of that.