Healthy cooking for retreats

Ibiza is well known as a top destination for retreats so over our years we’ve gained a lot of experience and understand how best to support your retreat through our health-giving food.  Our menus are mainly vegan or vegetarian but on request we can add fish and Payes chicken for those who require more animal protein.  All our food is very low in sugar, gluten and dairy.  And of course, we always take into account any extra dietary requirements or other special wishes.  We then personally design your menu and go to “El Mercado” to get inspired by what nature has to offer in the moment, hand-picked by us, locally sourced and organic.  At Retreats you can choose from a self-serve breakfast, brunch or lunch and dinner with dessert.

. To start the day .

Popeye smoothie – Homemade muesli bread – Pumpkin cinnamon smoothie –

Creamy yoghurt topped with crunchy granola & forest fruit –

Blueberry breakfast muffin

. Brunch/Lunch .

Fluffy spelt pancakes – Colourful fruit salads – Coconut smoothie bowl –

Zucchini cupcakes – Shakshuka – Avocado mousse – Very green salads  – Variety of wholegrain bread – Grilled carrot hummus – Eggs with sweet potato & spinach –

Moroccan lentil soup

. Dinner & Dessert .

Beetroot & cinnamon patties – Roasted sweet potato with orange blossom – Cauliflower power pizza – Fennel salad with sumac – Oriental curry – Rice with caramelized pumpkin – Fresh salads – Tahin – Quinoa tabouleh –

Homemade flatbread & za´atar

Banana raspberry milkshake – Vegan dark chocolate mousse – Carrot cake bites – Mini lemon muffins – Peanut coco fudge